14 years 15 victims never forget columbine 99 <3

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can’t even look at a picture of dylan klebold without having tears in my eyes and having my heart brake :’(

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thats it im so in love with benji! <3

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who else is in love with benji?? just me ?? :D <3

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the moment it really hits you that eric and dylan are dead FUCK!!

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Columbine Questions

1: How long have you been interested in Columbine?

i can’t remember how long. its been forever :D

2: When and how did you first hear about it and how old were you when you did?

it was years ago i clicked on something on youtube and it turned out it was columbine related

3: What first made you interested in it?
the youtube video.

4: Explain your obsession in depth, if you have/had one.

pretty much know everthing to do with columbine :D own books and films and other stuff related .

5: How old were you on 4/20/99?

i was six.

6: What were you doing on 4/20/99?

i dont remember

7: Who do you prefer, Eric or Dylan, and why?

DYLAN! he’s just like me i would of fallen madly in love with him.

8: Who do you think you are most like, Eric or Dylan, and why?

im emotionally like dylan i understand what he was feeling

9: What is your favorite band out of the ones that they listened to?

nin :D i do listen to the others tho

10: What’s your favorite movie inspired by Columbine?

Zero Day.

11: How would you have felt if you had attended Columbine when Eric and Dylan went on their shooting spree?

i would of been shitting myself .

12: Do you have a favorite victim? If so, who is it and why are they your favorite?

lauren townsend she just seemed like such a lovely person

13. Do you have a favorite survivor? If so, who is it and why are they your favorite?

richard castaldo come on he’s awesome right?

14: Have you ever purchased anything in the name of Eric and/or Dylan?

i have an i heart klebold t-shirt :D

15: Are there any other school shooters, mass murderers, or serial killers you are interested in?

dahmer,bundy,northcott,ramirez i own so many true crime books it would take forever to list them all

16: Can you picture yourself being friends with Eric and Dylan if you had known them?

yeah of course i would of loved to be friends with them even if it was only for a little while

17: Would you want to attend Columbine or have attended Columbine when you were in high school?


18: If you could say one thing to Eric and Dylan, what would it be?

i love you both

19: If you could say one thing to the people they killed, what would it be?

i’m so sorry

20: How do you feel about Brooks and his parents?

im not sure about his parents but brooks? im not sure if i wanna cuddle him or punch him

21: Have Eric and Dylan changed/affected your life? If so, how?

dylan has he’s made me believe in true love

22. Can you imagine yourself doing what they did?

i could imagine it but i never would .

23. Do you condone what Eric and Dylan did?

not at all!! but i understand

24: What do YOU think would have happened to Eric and Dylan if Columbine never happened?

I think dylan would of killed himself and eric well i think he would of commited some other crime

25: Would you have preferred it if Eric and Dylan had not killed themselves and instead gone to jail? Why or why not?

of course i would of! knowing that dylan is dead brakes me heart but its what he wanted same goes for eric

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nobodyloveslydia asked: Do it. Write to him :)


i wanna so bad!!!!

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no limits no limits nothing will stop us :’( r.i.p dylan bennet klebold

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has to stop thinking of dylan klebold every second of every day :’( eh!! why did you have to be so perfect </3

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